Ad situation

I’ve been apprised of the situation that this blog has ads. Sexist, racist, horrible ads.

I read about the ad situation with It turns out that they add ads to blogs in order to pay for their servers and keep providing a free service, along with a steady stream of exciting new plugins. This all sounds very reasonable and good.

Except that we live in a Patriarchy, and Patriarchy is a thing which reaches its terrifying tentacles into every tiny corner of our lives, and turns things that would otherwise be perfectly reasonable into horrifying nightmares.

Can you think of a single ad you have seen that didn’t contain sexism, racism, or some other form of bigoted hatred? If you can, I’m willing to bet its because you are so deeply marinated in the various forms of hatred that are endemic to our culture that you don’t even notice them.

The particular ads that were pointed out to me were of the “mail-order Asian bride” variety. Wow. “Women are commodities”, “Asian women are passive, not to mention exotic”, and a whole bunch of other scary colonialism I don’t even know how to unpick. Orientalism meets Patriarchy and they collide like two positrons smashed together that explode to release showers of spiraling Wrongness.

A bit of Googling has revealed that it would cost 0.08c per day, or in the neighbourhood of $30 a year to get rid of the ads. Even after converting my squids to USD, well, shit, I could just buy my own domain and install my own WordPress blog for that. So that’s what I plan to do.

I’ll get around doing that sometime when I’m not drunk, i.e. not now.


One Comment on “Ad situation”

  1. Joey says:

    It’s an unnecessary exaggeration to say there are no non-sexist ads, because the problem is how sexism is prevalent, not that there isn’t a single non-sexist ad (what would one change anyway). Though it’s true most people don’t recognize forms of sexism because it’s so omnipresent it becomes transparent.

    Well, maybe it was a rhetorical device, but it reminds of when you said there is no non-misogynistic porn and I still wonder what you’d think of E.L. BTW. Looks promising to me from what I’ve seen.

    Good luck with moving your blog.

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