Pro-lifers claim that they consider a zygote to be morally equivalent to a human being, and thus consider the destruction of zygotes to be murder. They don’t really believe this. They can’t, because it’s too stupid. Pro-lifers may possibly be stupider than the average human being, but they are still not stupid enough to believe that a bundle of cells is the same as a person.

This is a zygote. If it has a soul, then so do my fingernail clippings.

The real motivation behind the pro-life position is to punish women for having sex. That’s all. These people believe that women should be subservient to men, that a woman should only have sex with her owner/husband, and that women should only have sex for the purpose of creating children (children who will, incidentally, also become the property of the owner/husband). Pro-lifers believe that a woman should not have control over her own uterus because, in their view, a uterus does not belong to the woman it is attached to, it is the joint property of her owner/husband and God. To these anachronistic douchebags a woman having sex for the purpose of her own pleasure, and a woman who seeks to control her own reproduction, has committed a sin against God and Patriarchy and needs to be punished.

It really annoys me when feminists are all nicey-nicey towards pro-lifers, addressing their supposed concerns about zygotes as if these concerns had any merit. Pro-lifers hate us. They want to take us back to the days of coat-hanger abortions. They want to enforce rape within marriage while making consensual sex outside of marriage punishable by enforced pregnancy and possible death. They want to reduce the status of women from “human beings” to “expendable baby incubators”.

This stupid proposal to force people to undergo compulsory counseling in order to be allowed to have an abortion is part of a larger plan. It’s real purpose is to chip away at our autonomy, to drag us a few rungs down the ladder from “human being” to “expendable baby incubator”. If this goes through I promise even more, even stupider amendments will follow. If a woman can be forced to undergo counseling, she can be forced to undergo other ritual humiliations as well: such as forcing her to get permission from the father, or forcing her to apply for an expensive license. The pro-lifers will be back to try to reduce the 24 weeks limit, or have women who miscarry charged with murder.

We’re at war, people. Deal.


2 Comments on ““Pro-life””

  1. Joey says:

    I envy you your eloquence, please don’t stop writing.

    PS. Do these google ads give you much revenue?
    I just got this under your post on harassment at keycon:
    “Date Asian Female
    Soft&gentle girls from China&Thai seek romance with sincere man.Join!” I’m sure it’ll get more hilarious.

  2. verschwindet says:

    Thanks for the heads-up about ads, I hadn’t noticed them, since (I think) they only appear if you aren’t logged on to WordPress. I gather they were added automatically. I definitely agree “Date Asian Female” is inappropriate and gross. I had a quick look and couldn’t quickly figure out how to get rid of them, but it’s on my list of things to do in the next few days.

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