Pathetic attempt to participate in pathetic representative democracy

I wrote to my stupid MP about the stupid amendment that would force women to get counseling before they get an abortion.

I actually stopped writing to MP’s years ago, because it was just so blatantly obvious that MP’s do whatever they were going to do anyway and don’t give a fuck about whether constituents write them letters or not. The replies you get are most often form letters. I once got an actual reply, apparently written by the actual MP and not by his secretary, and it basically went “I am going to completely ignore your letter and do exactly what I was going to do anyway, but thank you for sending me such a lovely letters and thereby participating in the democratic process! I hope that you will write me some more lovely letters in future so I can completely ignore those as well!” Not exactly in those words, but not far off either. So I stopped writing letters to MP’s years ago because it is basically just something you do to make yourself feel better, and it gives our so-called Democracy a gloss of legitimacy it doesn’t deserve.

Also, everything sucks. But I’m drunk. If I had any real moral courage I would probably be outside smashing windows and setting fire to stuff. Anyway, I wrote a letter to my MP, I’m pasting it below:

Dear XXX,

I’m writing to express the horror and disgust I feel at hearing that an amendment has been added to Health and Social Care Bill 2010-11, which would require any woman needing an abortion to undergo COMPULSORY counselling.

It would be wonderful if OPTIONAL counselling was provided to women needing an abortion. However to make the counselling compulsory is a violation of human rights, since it amounts to treating women as if they were children or mental patients, unable to make their decisions about their own health. This kind of blatant sexism has not been seen in the UK since the Victorian era.

People can only be forced to undergo psychiatric treatment against their will if they are psychotic and have a “mental disorder” which puts either themselves or the public at risk, under the Mental Health Act 1983 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005. It is very, very wrong to treat women who require an abortion as if they were psychotic.

Furthermore, it is obvious that COMPULSORY counselling would not have any good effect on the patient, since any psychotherapist or personal counsellor could tell you that counselling only works when there is trust between the patient and counsellor. This trust obviously cannot exist when a patient is forced to undergo counselling against her will.

Please let me know what steps you are taking to prevent this sexist and amoral amendment from becoming law.




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