French burqa ban

French police detain veil protesters – the Guardian

So glad French women can no longer be oppressed by being forced to wear veils and burqas. Yup, it seems by simply banning a piece of clothing the French government has managed to eradicate all sexism and patriarchy from French Muslim communities! Of course there are some who would say that sexism is deeply entrenched and complicated and that Muslim women are more concerned about things like domestic violence, divorce rights, and the right to work and own property, than about head-coverings. Some people would even argue that the burqa ban is more about marginalizing an already-marginalized minority group and expressing the dominance of French culture over immigrant cultures rather than about promoting womens’ rights. But, pshaw.

It should be noted that while French women will be protected from burqa-oppression, they will not be protected from police-officers-stopping-you-in-the-street-and-violently-arresting-you-because-they-don’t-like-your-clothes-or-your-culture-oppression. So, swings and roundabouts.

Hey come to think of it, these lucky French Muslim women are being oppressed by two separate patriarchies AT THE SAME TIME, how completely mind-boggling. Only both patriarchies see what they are doing as being liberation, not oppression. Anyway the two oppressions cancel out, according to the rules of OPPRESSION MATH! (It’s just like real math, except it’s complete bullshit).

I’m looking forward to the next logical step of compulsory high heels, lipstick and mini-skirts for all women and girls between 12 and 90. BRING ON THE LIBERATION!!! Oh yeah.


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