Anti-choice misogynistic fuckery comes to the UK, or, Shadenfreude turns sour

A lot of the feminist blogs I read are based in the US, which means I have read quite a lot about various forms of anti-choice legislation that are going through there, always with a vaguely smug ‘Oh those poor Americans, they are so fucked, I’m so glad I live in England’ kind of feeling.

The smugness has been waning of late as our Coalition Government of Terrifying Evilness prepares to break our National Health Service into little tiny chunks which will then be sold off to private companies which have no experience of acting as health care providers, in the name of “efficiency”. And now this:

MPs launch cross-party bid to tighten abortion laws and make counselling compulsory

(I’d advise against reading the article, since it is completely disgusting and the title tells you everything you need to know.)

I can’t even write a rebuttal to this because it’s too stupid. In order to rebut this I would have to write painfully obvious and earnest statements like ‘women are human beings’ and ‘women have the right to control their own bodies’ and ‘women are adults who are are capable of independent thought and decision-making’. But I would quickly realize that when you find yourself writing this painfully obvious and earnest stuff you have already lost because the people behind this know they don’t make any sense, they are not trying to make sense, their strategy is not to win through rational arguments. In fact it’s the opposite, their strategy is irrational, misogynistic hatred and deliberate stupidity. Just the fact that they have dragged the discussion of womens’ equality down to the level where we have to try to explain to them (in simple words) that women are grown-ups and not brain-damaged children who need to be told what to do for their own good, means that they have already won.

I no longer feel like the UK is superior to the US. This country is falling into just as fetid a sinkhole of reactionary misoginistic shitfuckery as the Americans are, it’s just that they are slightly further along.


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