Julian Assange’s rape defence based on Julian Assange not knowing what “rape” means

From this article: Julian Assange’s lawyer makes graphic defence during extradition hearing, it seems that Assange’s defence amounts to “she didn’t fight back”.

But rape is defined as “sex without consent”. It isn’t defined as “sex where the person didn’t physically put up a fight”. When your defence against rape accusations depends on re-writing the definition of the word “rape”, it kind of makes you look like a rapist.

A quote:

“Sexual encounters have their ups and downs, their ebbs and flows. What may be unwanted one moment can with further empathy become desired. These complex human interactions are not criminal in this country.”

Um, actually, unwanted sex is criminal in this country, and we call that “rape”. I’m pretty sure they call that “rape” in Australia too.

Barf barf barf puke.


One Comment on “Julian Assange’s rape defence based on Julian Assange not knowing what “rape” means”

  1. Lolihu says:

    He tells the truth, sexual encounters do have their ebbs and flows. Some people don’t like to use words and they just go for it. If there is no protest it is assumed consent is given.
    Just because your pussy was a little tight and you didn’t enjoy it as much as your last time does not give you the right to call that instance rape. Now I only mean this if the partner did not verbally communicate and say she didn’t want to have sex.
    If Assange didn’t realize he was forcing himself upon the woman and thought there was consent it gets murky. People don’t sign contacts, they get into the mood and they do it to please themselves and each-other.

    I need to see the facts, please show me reports from reputable news sources that show evidence of this encounter. This case may decide future rulings.

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